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I contribute to Forbes, TechCrunch, VentureBeat and a few other publications. I am quoted and interviewed regularly in global media such as Nature, Bloomberg, WSJ, Wired, Quartz, and many more in U.S., China and abroad. I was also a guest a few times on TV (including live TV).

I am the lead author of the trends reports on Hardware, Robotics and Health for HAX. They collected hundreds of thousands of views.

If you are to read only a few, I recommend the ‘Ecosystem 101’, the M&A and Exit ones, and the 70 years of VC. The IP in China one if you’re in hardware.

I believe the ecosystem model I proposed in 2012 still largely valid. I updated it slightly with some new ideas on safety nets (esp. the job market). Variations of this article have been presented to several tech conferences and governments bodies in various countries, in particular in Japan.

(Almost) Complete List

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2012.09.01 – Ecosystem 101: The Six Necessary Categories To Build The Next Silicon Valley