I have young nephews and friends with children. In this series called ‘Take a Punch‘, I share ideas that would have helped my younger self (also on SoundCloud).

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Learn To Take A Punch
This title episode tells about how to build up courage and resilience.

Train Your Jiminy Cricket
Pinocchio’s annoying conscience-in-training. Check the level of your own!

Never Tell Your Kids They’re Smart
It cultivates the wrong mindset. Never tell them they’re dumb either!

Move Next To The Gym
Shape your environment for success and start winning!

Your Body Controls Your Mind
It’s a two-way channel for good and bad. Use your body to influence your mood, emotions and mindset when you need it.

Leave The Movie If It’s Bad
My dad never left a movie half way in his life. I, however, recommend doing it before your waste not only your money but your time. And this applies beyond movies.