In a nutshell

I am an investor in hardware startups with HAX, a speaker, writer and self-described “digital naturalist”. The best way to reach me is email or Twitter.

What I do now

SPEAKING | I spoke at over 200 events across 30 countries, including large and high-level audiences. I mostly speak about hardware (IoT, robotics, health tech devices) and innovation ecosystems.

WRITING | I am a contributor to Forbes, TechCrunch, VentureBeat and a few other publications. I am also quoted and interviewed regularly in global media such as NatureBloombergWSJ, Wired, Quartz, and many more in U.S., China and abroad. I also appeared a few times on TV, including live TV.

BLOG | I write technology-related articles on a Medium blog and publish a personal newsletter every few weeks. You can subscribe here.


ASIA | Since 2000, I have lived in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, as well as some time in Silicon Valley and Germany. I am originally from France.

FOUNDER | For several years I was the founder and CEO of a cross-border strategy consultancy named Plus Eight Star thanks to which I became known as “Mr. Asia”. My team and I worked with over a hundred clients to research innovation from Asia. Later, I also caught the startup bug and gave a shot at founding a web service focused on helping others; I closed it when it became obvious that user acquisition, retention and business model were questionable.

ANGEL INVESTOR | Meeting lots of entrepreneurs while doing consulting work lead me to invest in over a dozen startups. Most of which raised follow-on funding and are still going.

COMMUNITY | I co-founded and run the Beijing chapter of Mobile Monday, a community of mobile industry professionals and ran 40 monthly events, gathering over 4,000 people before passing on the baton. After joining HAX, I also ran meetups in Shenzhen for the hardware community.