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I contribute to Forbes, TechCrunch, VentureBeat and a few other publications. I am quoted and interviewed regularly in global media such as NatureBloombergWSJ, Wired, Quartz, and many more in U.S., China and abroad. I was also a guest a few times on TV (including live TV).

I am the lead author of the trends reports on Hardware, Robotics and Health for HAX.

The pieces I am most proud of are:

Ecosystem 101: The Six Necessary Categories To Build The Next Silicon Valley
Originally written for Techcrunch, I believe the ecosystem model I proposed is still largely valid. I updated it slightly here, with some new ideas on safety nets (especially the impact of a fluid job market). Variations of this article have been presented to several tech conferences and governments bodies in various countries, in particular in Japan.

50 Shades Of Fake: How To Protect Your Product From Copycats In China
A pretty good summary of what matters to protect tech startups today.

70 Years Of VC Innovation
A nice history of key novelties in the VC model across the years. Includes a Hall of Fame.


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